Airport, Airlines and Cruise Ships: June’s Industry News
Publicado el 05 July 2022

The month was characterized by the prelude to the winter vacations. In addition, there were news on air traffic and new developments in accommodations.
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Winter Vacations Projected to Increase Travel

The three-week winter vacations 2022 in Chile, which officially began on July 1st, are expected to see an increase in travel. According to Nuevo Pudahuel Airport projections, nearly 1,550,000 people will travel on domestic and international flights using the country’s main air terminal.

For government authorities, this is a strong sign for the reactivation of tourism, as well as the return of routes connecting Santiago with Cuzco (LATAM), Florianópolis (SKY) and, in October, Barcelona (LEVEL).

Meanwhile, the Undersecretariat of Tourism projected that there will be 4,716,928 domestic trips during the vacations, 37.0% more than the same period in 2021, and 81.5% more than in 2019.

Level Santiago Barcelona


Tramway to the Airport under Study

The Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications, Juan Carlos Muñoz, confirmed that there is a study underway for the creation of a Tramway from Pajaritos subway station to Santiago Airport.

This light train would be 12.5 kilometers long, connecting Line 1 (Pajaritos) and the Barrancas station of Line 5 with Nuevo Pudahuel. If the project materializes, it is estimated that the trip would take under 18 minutes at an average speed of 42 kilometers per hour.

Once the study phase is completed, and if the initiative is approved, the call for tenders may take place during the third quarter of 2023.


Metropolitan Santiago Opens Its Doors

In July, Casa Piedra will become the new Metropolitan Santiago, a world-class 16,000 square meter meeting center. In addition, there is a 51,000 square meter park with a view of the Andes Mountain Range.

The center will be run by the French GL events and will have a strong focus on environmental care. According to the company, medium-term projects include power generation through a photovoltaic plant, water recovery systems, electric car chargers, energy-efficient air conditioning and LED lighting.

The French group plans to invest more than $6.5 million dollars in the short and medium term in the events center, generating about 1,000 jobs in the coming months.


SKY lands in the United States

SKY airline completed its first route to Miami (United States), which includes direct flights from Lima, Peru. The company highlighted the fact that it is the first low-cost travel company to offer this direct route.

Although the service between Santiago and Miami will have a stopover, the company anticipates that “Miami for all” offers will be launched in Chile. SKY’s direct flights from Santiago to Miami are also expected to be implemented in 2024.

SKY Airline is currently the most punctual airline in Latin America, achieving a score of 92.8% according to the latest Cirium report.

Naviera Austral Bets on Local Start-ups

Naviera Austral decided to promote start-ups in the Los Lagos and Aysén regions. For this purpose, it presented a project for tourism-related services to present their offers for their cruises online.

At “Expo Emprendedores a Bordo” (Entrepreneurs on Board), the shipping company presented the initiative, which takes QR codes that lead to the website of each of the businesses. They will rotate every three months to provide opportunities for new exhibitors.

Initially, the display case will be on the Queulat ferry and will soon be available on the rest of its ships.  The company reminded that applications for this project must be made at the SERCOTEC offices.


Enjoy Presents Renewed Casino in Pucón

The Enjoy concessionaire inaugurated the remodeling of the new Pucón casino. The first part of the project includes upgrading the Gran Hotel Pucón into a 5-star hotel.

With a total committed investment of over $25 million dollars, the new 4,177 square meter casino will include new gaming rooms, heated terraces, 500 state-of-the-art slot machines, and a new audiovisual infrastructure for shows.

The opening of the hotel is scheduled for October, with a complete renovation of its rooms, as well as a spa and gymnasium inside, and an events center with capacity for 1,300 people.

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