Chile climbs all the way to the 2nd place in the “Adventure Tourism Development Index 2020”
Publicado el 28 May 2020

At the ranking, that involves only developing countries, our country rose four places since the 2018 list, standing out in key aspects such as security and natural resources.

Chile continues to stand out internationally as an Adventure Tourism destination, and the latest ranking of “Adventure Tourism Development Index” (ATDI) demonstrates this, putting our territory in second place in the international classification of developing countries, after rising four positions concerning the 2018 measurement.

The index, produced by the George Washington University International Institute for Tourism Studies and the Adventure Tourism Industry Association (ATTA), measures the competitiveness of countries in the adventure tourism sector, based on ten fundamental pillars. Chile, in this case, stands out for its security, natural resources, entrepreneurship, and country image, remaining above countries such as Slovakia, Poland and Costa Rica.

Ranking 2020                   

  1. Czech Republic
  2. Chile
  3. Slovakia
  4. Slovenia
  5. Israel
  6. Estonia
  7. Polland
  8. Bulgaria
  9. Romania
  10. Costa Rica

According to the document, the aspects that Chile must improve for a future measurement are those related to sustainable development, health, and humanitarian pillars.

The undersecretary of Tourism, Mónica Zalaquett, commented that “this is excellent news for national tourism, especially in the context that we are currently facing. Chile has worked to position itself internationally as an adventure tourism destination. This ranking shows this, as well as the aspects that we must improve to consolidate ourselves as a world-class destination. Once the health crisis, due to the coronavirus, is overcome, adventure and nature tourism will be a very relevant product for the reactivation and a crucial element of our country’s promotion.

On the other hand, the National Director of Sernatur (National Tourism Board), Andrea Wolleter, emphasized that “nature and adventure tourism is part of the products that differentiates Chile and puts our country in the world map. Also, in the current context, this will continue to provide significant opportunities. Not only because it will be one of the main experiences that a new type of tourist will seek, but also will refocus the current tourist offer under sustainability criteria, contributing to competitiveness.”

This tool is a guide for the different stakeholders linked to the sustainable development of adventure tourism. It shows that competitiveness in this area depends on the connection between various factors, which require collaborative work between multiple entities and organizations.

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