Chile is crowned as the world’s Leading Adventure Destination for the fifth consecutive year
Publicado el 02 December 2020

Our country once again was leader in the World Travel Awards, also taking the title of the planet’s Best Green Destination in the so-called Oscars of Tourism.
Imagen de un deportista escalando uno de los cerros de Cochamó, donde se ve de fondo la naturaleza prístina de Chile

We are proud! Chile won for the fifth consecutive year the title of Leading Adventure Tourism Destination awarded by the World Travel Awards, in addition to retaining for the second year the Best Green Destination distinction in the same competition.

Two recognitions that maintain our country as a world leader in the area of tourism and help the reactivation of the national industry by prevailing as a country of unmissable attractions for travel fans according to the voting of the so-called Oscars of Tourism.

Popular vote awards for different categories associated with the world of travel dating back to 1993, delivering a seal of distinction to the tourism industry and celebrating excellence in all areas: countries, leaders, airlines, and hotels on a continental and global level.


Hence, the Minister of Economy, Development, and Tourism, Lucas Palacios, stressed that the WTA “makes us proud and is proof of this industry’s enormous potential, raw material, and of course, the tremendous impact it can have on our country’s economy. For those who work in this sector, tourism is not only the beauty of our landscapes, the whiteness of our mountains, the power of our rivers, the kindness of our people, or the way we welcome tourists, but it is also the livelihood of their families. A very important percentage of those people have not been able to work due to the pandemic and as a Government we are not going to rest until they can return to their jobs to develop their activities. We are not going to abandon them. Tourism is perhaps the industry that has the greatest potential in Chile: we are world champions, and that is why we have to pay special attention, especially now that we are encouraging them to return to work. Count on us”.

The Undersecretary of Tourism, José Luis Uriarte, said “we are proud and very grateful to have won for the fifth consecutive year the Leading Adventure Tourism Destination award and to have retained the Best Green Destination title. Chile has wonderful destinations and we are very happy with these distinctions. Now, the invitation is for everyone to come and see the unique landscapes that our country offers.”

Lastly, Andrea Wolleter, Sernatur’s national director, referred to the importance of remaining current in these categories, since “they will be our best letter of introduction, even more so now that our borders have been opened and tourism companies throughout the country have taken on this challenge very responsibly. During the last few months, they have implemented the protocols we developed along with the health authorities to continue offering quality services, but now including measures that make the experience safer for visitors.”

Chile in the WTA

Through its years of competition Chile has a vast trajectory in these awards. At a South American level, it holds the distinction of Leading Adventure Tourism Destination since 2015 and, currently, it holds the title of Leading Nature Destination, Most Romantic Destination for the Atacama Desert, and Leading Festival and Event Destination for the city of Santiago.

Meanwhile, it has won the categories of Leading Adventure Tourism Destination since 2016 and Best Green Destination since 2019 worldwide, while last year we won the Most Romantic Destination award.

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