Chile was crowned twice in this year’s WTA: for Best Adventure Destination and Best Green Destination
Publicado el 02 December 2019

In the 26th version of the World Travel Awards, Chile is awarded the title “Best Green Destination” for the first time and, thus, consolidates itself as a sustainable alternative for tourist from all over the world. Additionally, Chile defended its title as the best country in the world for Adventure Tourism for the fourth consecutive year.
Mujer deslizandose en canopy en el sur de Chile

It is a fact that Chile has become, in recent years, a Must-See destination for international travelers.  And this has been reaffirmed once more in the last version of the World Travel Awards, which are also known as the Oscars of Tourism, and where Chile has added a new title after being crowned for the first time as the World’s Best Green Destination, a reward well deserved for the beautiful sceneries and   extreme landscapes, such as the Atacama Desert (the driest in the world), the more 4,000 kilometers of coastline with the perfect waves for surfing, the more than one hundred national parks and reserves and the largest concentration of glaciers in South America.

But this new distinction that catapults us as referents of tourism is not the only novelty.  Chile managed to prevail for the fourth consecutive year, through popular voting, as the Best Adventure Tourism Destination in the World, surpassing specialty icons, such as the United States, New Zealand and Australia. entire

The award was presented in its twenty-sixth version of the contest, in a ceremony held on November 28 in Oman, where Chile’s diverse geography was highlighted once again, showing off the country’s  unique landscapes and the many different climates that there are throughout its  territory, which makes it a paradise for outdoor activities and experiences associated with adventure.

Upon receiving this announcement, the Undersecretary of Tourism, Monica Zalaquett, said  “we are filled with pride for our country and also for the thousands of entrepreneurs and workers of the national tourism industry.  These are tremendously important awards, because they are a recognition of the work that has been done in Chile to develop responsible, sustainable and inclusive tourism.  In addition, they are an injection of energy that motivates us to continue working with more enthusiasm, dedication and commitment, because our country has been a recognized destination worldwide ”.

For her part, the National Director of Sernatur, Andrea Wolleter, said that “these recognitions are a reflection of all the work that has been done to position Chile as a Must-Visit destination and to highlight the differentiating features that make us such a unique place. Also, these awards are very much in line with  the preference of most of the foreign tourists who visit us, whose main reason for choosing Chile is our landscapes and natural attractions ”.

 Work and Sustainability

The Best Green destination award was well received by Chile’s Tourism authorities, who believe that the tendency to prefer sustainable destinations and services is growing worldwide and, in line with this demand, Chile is working to develop and promote products and experiences.  Tourism under the criteria of sustainability is growing in Chile and there are already a significant number of services that have committed to sustainable tourism, by becoming certified and incorporating policies in favor of the environment, promoting local products and encouraging respect for the communities and the people. Today, tourists visiting Chile can have enriching experiences with attractive and sustainable options.

 The Oscars of Tourism

Created in 1993, the World Travel Awards seek to promote and develop global travel and the entire tourism industry, rewarding excellence and the diversity of offers.  Today, the event has become a world-renowned brand and benchmark of quality of services and experiences associated with tourism.

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