Chilean destinations make headlines in the international press in May 2023
Publicado el 06 June 2023

From the imminent snow season in the southern hemisphere to the impressive landscapes of the Atacama Desert, our country was featured in important media worldwide.

From the imminent snow season in the southern hemisphere to the impressive landscapes of the Atacama Desert, our country was featured in important media worldwide.

In May 2023, Chile’s tourist destinations made headlines in the international press, with important news that delighted tourists around the world.

Valle Nevado shines in Brazil.

The snow season in Chile took the interest of the international press in May 2023, with several articles highlighting how the winter resorts in the central zone are preparing to receive tourists looking for exciting destinations to enjoy the snow. In this line, some places near Santiago have become an attractive places for many travelers: the media Guia Viajar Melhor, for example, published an exclusive article with tips to get to Valle Nevado, a resort that, according to Panrotas, already has 70% of reservations from Brazilians.

But it is not only in South America that people look to the Andes Mountains. The American Snow Brains highlighted Chile’s unique combination of breathtaking scenery, quality snow, and modern facilities.

The Atacama Desert in The New York Times

One of the international press highlights of May 2023 came from the United States: the renowned newspaper The New York Times captivated its audience with an extensive report dedicated to the Atacama Desert in Chile, taking its readers on a virtual journey through this spectacular destination.

Titled “What Survives in the Atacama Desert?” the feature explores the region’s rich geological and cultural diversity in a journey that begins in the city of Arica and concludes in Calama. “Anything determined enough to exist there (people, plants, animals, even microbes) must be hardy, resistant, and well-adapted. From the road, I have seen life hanging on. I ventured into the desert and also saw what the dryness preserves (bones, ruins) and what it shows (mineral riches, the stars),” the press release explains.

“I stopped and looked out into the undulating arc of the Milky Way. The air was cold, clear, and silent. The darkness was thick and velvety and high above, the universe receded and receded. The realm of the dead, the realm of the stars. It seems natural to want to connect the two of them, to draw a link between two great unknowns. The Atacama Desert, with all its emptiness, is not a void. Through the whims of nature and accidents of human ingenuity, it is a bridge across the greater void. In its dryness, the desert guards the dead and opens the sky,” the article concludes.

Desert Bloom

But the Atacama Desert was not only highlighted in the U.S. press, since in May, another international media also highlighted a unique phenomenon in Chile that occurs in this magical place: The Desert Bloom.

The Peruvian newspaper El Comercio dedicated a report on the occasion of the next national park to be established in Atacama, stating that “Chile’s Desert Bloom has become one of the most impressive natural attractions in the country.” In that line and speaking specifically about the conservation effort of the space, the media stated that “The park offers a unique experience for visitors, who can explore the desert areas where life flourishes in a surprisingly colorful landscape. Visitors can hike trails designed to protect the area’s flora and fauna and enjoy panoramic views of the desert. In addition, there are camping areas and overnight shelters in the park.”

“The park has been designed to promote sustainable and responsible tourism. Visitors are aware of the importance of caring for the ecosystem and are asked to follow the rules established to protect the flora and fauna in the area. In addition, local guides are available to offer information about the flora and fauna, as well as to provide advice on how to explore the park safely,” the note concluded.

End of Protected Borders

Another relevant piece of information in May 2023 was the end of the sanitary restrictions on entry to Chile due to the Covid pandemic, which was celebrated in several publications in the international press.

The media valued the end of the entry restrictions imposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the country. The international press in Brazil, France, United States, and Spain, among others, emphasized the importance of this milestone for the recovery of the industry. For example, in Argentina, MDZ indicated that the announcement was “Long-awaited news for hundreds of travelers”, while in Germany it was highlighted that “Going to Chile becomes easier“.

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