Get the vote out! Chile seeks to consolidate its position as world champion for three categories of the Tourism Oscars
Publicado el 13 September 2019

World's Leading Adventure Tourism Destination, World's Most Romantic Destination and World's Leading Green Destination are the titles that Chile seeks to win in the twenty-sixth edition of the World Travel Awards.
Imagen de un deportista realizando sandboard en el Desierto de Atacama

Within South America, Chile has already been awarded the titles of Leading Adventure Tourism Destination, Most Romantic Destination for the Atacama Desert, and Leading Nature Destination, solidifying our country as a must-see for world tourists thanks to the diversity of its landscapes.

Likewise, our breathtaking natural beauty was celebrated in August of this year, when the World Travel Awards crowned Chile, for the fifth time, South America’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination. This has given the country the chance to compete in the worldwide category, and to maintain its title as the four-time global champion in this category.

For this reason, the Undersecretary of Tourism and Sernatur today launched the digital campaign #VotaPorChile, which invites all Chileans and foreigners to support our country and crown it for the first time as world champion in three categories of tourism.

Imagen de un hombre realizando trekking en las alturas de Sollipulli

In this regard, Undersecretary of Tourism Monica Zalaquett said that “Chile’s unique qualities attracts adventurers from all over the world. We have a very good chance of continuing to be the leading destination against other nominated countries. Having been world champions in tourism before demonstrates that we are one of the favorite destinations for adventure tourism; we have also been positioned, for the first time, as a romantic destination and nature destination, which reinforces our commitment to continue working to provide incomparable services for tourists.”

The national director of Sernatur, Andrea Wolleter, said that “Chile has unique qualities that make it an attractive destination worldwide, as shown by the more than 2.8 million foreign tourists who have entered our country between January and July this year. We invite everyone to vote for Chile in order to get more people, nationals and foreigners, to visit the attractions offered by our territory.”

This year, the World Travel Awards have our country competing face to face with tourism powerhouses such as New Zealand, the United States, Australia, Canada, Sri Lanka, Ras Al Khaimah of the United Arab Emirates, and the Republic of Mauritius.

Voting is open to the general public from today, Thursday, September 12th, until Sunday, October 20th, through the official website of the World Travel Awards.

Vote for Chile as World’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination:

Vote for Chile as World’s Leading Romantic Destination for the Atacama Desert:

Vote for Chile as World’s Leading Green Destination:

Romantic Destination and Nature Destination

Chile has been nominated this year for three global categories. Thanks to its colorful mountains, highland lagoons, and stunning sunsets, the Atacama Desert has earned the title “South America’s Leading Romantic Destination” for two consecutive years, and now competes for the world reign in this category, competing with honeymoon destinations like Bali, Jamaica, and Bahamas.

Additionally, and thanks to the diversity of native flora and fauna and the more than one hundred national parks and reserves, Chile this year enters the race for World’s Leading Green Destination, a distinction for which it will compete against neighboring countries such as Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador.


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