In search of guidelines that decrease the LGBTIQA+ gaps in tourism
Publicado el 28 August 2023

Authorities, representatives from the private sector and civil society have got together, for the first time, to diagnose and propose a rethink for tourism in gender and inclusion topics.

Representatives from LGBTIQA+ organizations, tourist trade unions, and government authorities met with the Undersecretary of Tourism and Sernatur in the first meeting to create technical resources that focus on gender equality in the sector.

We are dealing with the project “Tourism and LGBTIQA+ communities,” an initiative supported by the program called Chile Para Todas, whose main objective is to include different developing groups in the industry. The work plan considers the following:

  • Strategic gender guidelines
  • Implementation of a gender perspective in policies for start-ups, innovation, and partnership
  • Visibility and promotion of LGBTQIA+ people in the economy
  • Connection with the National Program of Tourist Awareness which Sernatur leads

From September to December 2023, monthly meetings will be held with the LGBTIQA+ community to collect information that allows us to create a diagnostic about what the tourism sector in this matter is like. This information will allow us to provide training for tourist service providers regarding gaps, limitations, and good practices, in addition to recommendations for medium and short-term work.

The activity had the participation of:

  • Antonia Orellana, Minister of Women and Gender Equity
  • Nicolás Grau, Minister of Economy, Development, and Tourism
  • Verónica Pardo, Undersecretary of Tourism
  • Cristóbal Benítez, Sernatur National Director
  • Chile Diverso Foundation
  • Todo Mejora Foundation
  • Movilh, Oteduca
  • Acción Gay
  • Iguales
  • Asexuales and Arromantiques Chile
  • Amanda Jofré
  • Renaceres Foundation
  • Apoyo Familias Trans Foundation

The initiative also had the participation of members from civil society, who shared their worries about the incorporation in the labor market, the importance of working together to define effective public policies, and the relevance of respecting diversities in the provision of tourist services, among others.

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