Press trips and influencers tour central and southern Chile in June 2023
Publicado el 18 July 2023

Visitors from Chile, Brazil, Spain, and France enjoyed several tourist attractions in our country.

The press trips and influencers continue, respectively, on behalf of Chile es TUYO and Chile Travel – Sernatur, accounts for both national and international public, during the month of June 2023. They received important guests to tour the Coquimbo, Metropolitan, Maule and La Araucanía regions.

Visitors from Chile, Brazil, Spain, and France made the most of the opportunity to enjoy the several tourist attractions in our country, as well as to support the promotion of these destinations.

Coquimbo shows its attractions to Brazil

In partnership with the CORFO, Impulsa Turismo and the Sernatur Coquimbo regional directorate program, Chile Travel went on a group trip thinking especially of Brazil, with two press outlets and an influencer account for the South American country.

Manoela Denardin and Matheus Guarconi, influencers known for their account @welove, joined journalists from UOL and Qual Viagem enjoyed wellness , wine tourism, and gastronomic experiences in Vicuña and Pisco Elqui, where they also learned about the manufacture of the famous Chilean pisco. Before the trip, they also got to know a little about the Metropolitan Region visiting the SKY Costanera lookout, the tallest building in South America.


Sewell reopening

After being closed for tourism for more than two years, the Minero Sewell, Unesco heritage site, reopened its doors in June 2023, having as its first visitors the press and the influencers invited by Chile es TUYO.

Isidora Cardemil, Benjamín Vergara are Agustín Pastorino were accompanied by Panoramas Week and Prensa Chilena on this tour and visited the Monumento Nacional, a service which is currently provided by the Fundación Sewell, and then ended with a lunch at the Machalí Pueblito Gastronómico. 


Spaniards drench themselves with culture in La Araucanía 

On the occasion of the relaunch of the Barcelona – Santiago de Chile flight, a route that was suspended for more than two years due to the Covid pandemic, Chile Travel invited three Catalonia media to visit La Araucanía, a press trip highlighted by the Mapuche ancestral culture. 

Journalists from La Vanguardia, El Periódico and Onda Cero Radio Visited the Rutas Ancestrales and learned more about the native peoples from the area through the making of looms, the collection of seed, and they lived with an Mapuche family. In addition, the enjoyed Chilean natural beauty, visiting the Parques Nacionales Villarica and Conguillío (Villarica and Conguillío National Parks), as well as a day of relaxation at the Termas del Huife. 

The attractive participants in this promotional action have already arrived in Spain: La Vanguardia published a report highlighting “Mapuche land” as one of the “great sustainable destinations” that the planet has, stressing that “La Araucanía is a beautiful amalgam of forest, volcanoes, rivers, lakes and hot springs”. 


Experience the Valle Las Trancas (Las Trancas Valley) 

Trying to show the attractions of the Ñuble region, an area that was affected by forest fires during the summer, Chile es Tuyo in partnership with Vive Chile make the Vive Valle Las Trancas famous, where a group with 4 influencers, 2 tourism accounts, 2 audio-visuals and 2 media outlets learned part of the tourist offer in the area.  

The influencers Camila Woldarsky, Cate Cecarelli, Isidora Cardemil and Martin Howard, with the photographers Benjamín Valdivia and Cristián Aguirre met different tour operators in the districts of Pinto, Coihueco and Chillán, highlighting the entrepreneurs behind these places. 

The tourism accounts Sur de Chile and Lugares Bonitos de Chile, and Chilean media outlets Ladera Sur also participated on this trip. 


Coquimbo Cuisine 

As part of the promotional actions in Europe, Chile Travel invited the YouTuber and gastronomic influencerHervé Cuisine to a gastronomic trip around the Coquimbo region. During his stay, the influencer tried different local preparations such as ostiones a la parmesana, chupe de locos, paila marina, as well as different local fish. In the Valle del Elqui, in the meantime, he learned how to cook with the sun, tasting a beef and bean cazuela, in addition to the distillation process of Chilean pisco. 

In addition, this trip had a unique gastronomic experience in the Barrio Franklin in Santiago, where he got to know the famous Chilean sandwiches and a little more about the local entrepreneurs in the sector. 


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