Stars and wines: Chile stands out in the international press in July 2023
Publicado el 04 August 2023

National destinations were protagonists during a month marked by important announcements.

First level experiences in unique natural surroundings. These were the main messages which the international press highlighted the tourist offer for Chile with during July 2023.

Although during this month, the tour by President Gabriel Boric around the European Union generated great interest in the foreign press, with various news to report the official visit of the President, national destinations were also protagonists.


Astrotourism: from Chile to the World

One of the highlighted news in July was the announcement that Chile will host the World Summit of Astrotourism in 2023, an experience that was highlighted in the international press.

The important meeting will be held in Vicuña, Coquimbo Region, between September 6th and 9th. The World Tourism Organization of the United Nations (WTO) and representatives from Spain, Portugal, the United States, and Argentina, among others, will participate in the activity.

The fame of Chile in the tourist offer for fans of the stars is well-known globally. For this reason, the EFE Agency produced a short video about the Elqui Valley, describing it as “a hidden place” to see the skies. In Brazil, meanwhile, not only the stars stood out but also the excellent cuisine in the Coquimbo Region.

“They say that in the Elqui Valley, in northern Chile, the sky is closer to people,” journalist Joana Treptow said in her interview for UOL. In the background are the famous Solar Kitchens of Vicuña, whose cuisine covers a large part of the report.

The Argentinian press did not lag behind, highlighting Pisco Elqui as a “Paradise in the mountain.”

Voy de Viaje expressed that “the climate and the special energy that these landscapes release that slowly descend from the mountain range towards the sea, make them an ideal place for relaxing,” adding that “travelers can also experience their own ‘trip to the stars’ with the Astrotourism proposals that take them to eat dinner outdoors on the Mamalluca Hill, to later observe the stars with a powerful telescope, always guided by experts.”


Road Trip in the north zone

Road trips are an adventurous way to discover the world, and Chile is a perfect destination for this kind of experience, which was highlighted by the international press in July 2023.

In the case of National Geographic, the journalist and photographer Jamie Lafferty went on a road trip through the high plateau. Before that, he prepared himself in San Pedro de Atacama, which he recognized as “the tourist capital of the desert.”

“Almost every night, the sun sets in a cloudless sky, setting its last rays against the Licancabur Volcano,” the journalist said about his experience in the northern area, dedicating some words to the power of the El Tatio geysers. “Up here the earth seemed to be burning,” he explained.

But he was not the only one who decided to do this trip. The journalist Mark Johanson wrote his experience for Travel + Leisure. “For my first trip, they took me up to 14,000 feet to see the Tatio geysers, the highest geothermal complex in the world (…) belching mud pits which perform somersaults into the sky,” he described.



A Chilean vineyard is among the best in the world

Giving proof of the quality of wine tourism in Chile, one of our vineyards was chosen among the best in the world, a significant piece of news in the international press for July 2023.

It is VIK, a vineyard which achieved third place in the ranking of the 50 World’s Best Vineyards. In the United States, Forbes pointed out that one of the attributes of the place is “a hotel designed by Frank Gehry, located on the top of the hill in the middle of the valley,  with views towards the Andes Mountains range.”

This news was similarly celebrated by Luxury Travel Magazine, a means of communication which wrote: “VIK encourages visitors to enjoy true immersion through world-class wines and culinary experiences.” Viagem e Turismo, from Brazil, added that “staying at VIK Chile is like sleeping inside one of Inhotim’s contemporary art galleries, or maybe inside one of the most daring environments designed by CasaCor.”


End of roaming charges for Brazil

An important announcement was published in July 2023, a piece of news mainly highlighted in the Brazilian press: the Chilean and Brazilian governments announced the end of international roaming charges between both countries.

The information was quickly replicated in the most important media in the South American country, such as GloboUOL, and Panrotas, in addition to some media specialized in tourism such as Melhores Destinos and Mercado & Eventos.

The measure came into force on July 25th, and it will benefit thousands of people from Brazil and Chile, allowing them to communicate with the same prices that they pay in their country of origin without the need for a SIM card or international packs.

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