Chile and Its Destinations Make Headlines in International Media
Publicado el 05 July 2022

In June, several international media such as "Forbes", "Condé Nast Travel" and "World Packers", highlighted Chile as a country to visit.
fotografía del Valle de la Luna

North of Chile: Atacama Desert

June was a month full of international news that highlighted Chile and its destinations. Beginning in the north of our country, the Atacama Desert is once again being highlighted in the international press.

“The Travel” magazine made a list of 10 Amazing Things to Do in the Atacama Desert.  Seeing the stars, visiting the “Valle de la Luna” (Moon Valley) or floating in the “Lagunas de Baltinache” are just a few on the list. “The Atacama Desert, Chile, has fascinated the world with its mysteries and breathtaking landscapes. Located in the north of Chile, the driest desert in the world covers 600 miles and is home to diverse wildlife and places that seem to be out of this world, with NASA backing this theory.”

Another country that highlighted the vastness of our desert was France. In the “Generation Voyage” media, they published 10 Magnificent Vacation Destinations in the Desert. The Atacama Desert stood out in 5th place. “Are you looking for an ideal desert vacation destination? The one in the Atacama will certainly meet your expectations! Here, it’s not a sand desert strictly speaking that awaits you, but still a desert, nonetheless. And in this place where rocks replace dunes, an exceptional stay is what you are offered!”

fotografía del Valle de la Luna en The Travel

Santiago: Gastronomy and Culture

Another highlight of the month was Santiago. Where CNN-Brazil headlined The Classic and the Modern of Santiago de Chile, an Ideal Destination to Visit in the Cold“. There they described our capital city as a place with “beautiful landscapes that still combines the aromas of history with its world-renowned wines”.

periodista junto a mural

Furthermore, the capital of our country was highlighted in the prestigious magazine “Condé Nast Travel“, where they went on a mini-route through the city and its attractions, in the article Where to Eat, Stay, and Play in Santiago, Chile. Here they emphasized the variety of Chile and its destinations, specifically “Chile’s capital, Santiago, which offers an enticing combination of outdoor adventures, historic sites and innovative cuisine. The South American destination also attracts travelers from the north with a warm, dry climate in December and cold temperatures in June, when skiers visit the giddy slopes on the outskirts of the city.”

fotografía panorámica de Santiago

South of Chile: Parks and Lakes

But the south of Chile and its destinations are also protagonists. The magazine “World Packers” from Spain went on an extensive tour of Puerto Varas, Osorno, Puerto Montt, Chiloé and the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park, among others, in their “Guide to Visit the Main Tourist Sites in the South of Chile“. “Chile’s length encompasses very diverse landscapes, from deserts, mountains, volcanoes, to an extensive coastline and glaciers. Puerto Varas, also known as ‘the city of roses’, is located about 1,000 kilometers from the capital city of Santiago, Chile, in the Los Lagos region”.

Another of the international media that highlighted our country was the French magazine “Forbes”. In their articleExceptional Trip: 12 Amazing Experiences to Live at Least Once in a Lifetime!“, they highlighted the experience of wildlife sighting, specifically pumas in Torres del Paine. “The largest predator in the south of Chile, the Patagonian puma, calls Torres del Paine its home. Going in search of them with professional trackers (exactly what Earthtones offers) is an incredible experience in a fabulous landscape. The hikes are accessible, not too long and not very difficult. They end with a starry night in a mountain ecolodge.

puma descansando

And following with news from Torres del Paine, “Ou est France” from France, added Chile to its top 7 of The Most Beautiful Hikes in the World. Here they highlighted the beauty of the territory, which includes lakes, glaciers, and mountains. “On this hike, you will encounter very heterogeneous landscapes of remarkable beauty, and you will come across many wild animals. Patagonia at its best”.

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