Chile Day & Night digital campaign in alliance with Swarovski Optik
Publicado el 11 January 2021

Focused on tourists from the United Kingdom who love bird and wildlife watching and adventure tourism.

Between January 11 and March 7, 2021, Chile will develop a digital and flexible campaign with Swarovski Optik along with the British tour operator Hayes&Jarvis to reach wealthy audiences in the UK such as the Millennial C-suite, traveling couples, and families looking for high-end multi-generational activities.  The target audience will also be part of a contest to win a pair of Swarovski Optik CL binoculars.

Swarovski Optik is the world’s leading sports optics brand.  It has an unrivaled reputation among travelers and nature enthusiasts, chosen to enhance traveling and viewing experiences.

The objective of this campaign is to position Chile in the bird and wildlife watching and adventure tourism niche.  The campaign will be carried out in Conde Naste Traveller, Lonely Planet, Guardian – Travel section and BBC Wildlife, focusing on the digital audience.  It will showcase Chile as a world-class visual and adventure tourism destination, and Swarovski as a luxury brand in sports optics.  You will see breathtaking landscapes and have nature experiences during the day and night and the incredible night skies.  Additionally, itineraries and routes options for travelers will be presented.

The campaign fits with the type of trips that UK tourists are looking for in Chile, promoting the country’s birds and wildlife.  Hence, it augments knowledge about Chile in the UK as a unique and outstanding destination with a variety of experiences such as astrotourism, with a focus on nature (as an environmentally friendly destination) and adventure.

The Atacama Desert is included, highlighting that it has the clearest skies in the world.  Additionally, Chile’s diverse landscapes and contrasting weather are highlighted, making it a perfect destination for tourists seeking excitement and adventure.  And, of course, it shows the country’s natural wonders that can be visited through a series of routes such as the Route of the Parks or the Route of the End of the World, trails that can be followed driving.

Hence, the country is positioned as an ideal destination for wildlife watching and adventure, as well as a safe, original, and easily accessible destination from the United Kingdom.

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