Chile proposes joint tourism promotion for Mercosur countries
Publicado el 24 June 2022

At the XXVI meeting of Mercosur Tourism Ministers, we proposed to join forces and work as a block for the recovery of the sector.

Digital transformation, recovery of air connectivity and tourism promotion as a whole were Chile ‘s proposals at the XXVI meeting of Mercosur Tourism Ministers, an instance in which our country called on the other nations in the region to join forces for the recovery of the sector.

Held in Asunción, Paraguay, the Chilean representatives reaffirmed the country’s commitment to the region, seeking to promote South American tourism as a bloc. In this context, the authorities put special emphasis on the connectivity of the post-pandemic sector.

The Undersecretary of Tourism, Verónica Kunze, official representative for Chile at the Mercosur meeting, indicated that this proposal will open up new opportunities and markets, which in the long term will serve for the development of the industry both in the region and in our country.

Progress together

The meeting of Mercosur Ministers of Tourism – which brought together authorities from Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Bolivia – was also the stage to discuss the new challenges, and to promote rural tourism with an emphasis on nature and its contribution to the communities.

“From Chile we are committed to working together, helping neighboring countries and advancing in the reactivation of our industry in the face of new times,” said Undersecretary Kunze.

During the summit, the development, advance, and reactivation of the bi-oceanic corridor was also agreed upon, which unites several of the countries involved and which will allow us to obtain various improvements in tourist services.

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