“Chile, promoting sustainable tourism” seeks to promote good practices in the sector
Publicado el 07 February 2023

The announcement arose from the 1st National Roundtable on Tourism Sustainability of 2023.
campaña turismo sustentable

In line with global trends, in which new tourist demands more sustainable products, the Undersecretary of Tourism and Sernatur launched the “Chile, promoting sustainable tourism” campaign, which seeks to raise awareness about the opportunity the tourist industry has to develop its offer under sustainability and inclusion criteria.

In fact, 53% of users on metasearch engines like Booking say that they are more concerned about sustainability after Covid-19, 81% state that sustainability is a priority in their future trips, and even 83% declare that they would like to stay at least once in an Eco lodge.

In order to meet the requirements of this increasing group of travelers, authorities are inviting tourism service providers to commit to and to take part in sustainability, thus contributing to positioning Chile as an attractive destination for these tourists who are more aware of taking care of the environment and local communities.

The Undersecretary of Tourism, Verónica Kunze, noted that “sustainability is a key topic for the sector, let’s remember that about 63% of foreign visitors declare that their main motivation for traveling to Chile is to enjoy its landscapes and nature, so it’s necessary to protect our patrimony, hence the importance of speeding up transformations in the way tourism services operate, not only understanding that sustainability adds value to the business but also moving towards tourism developed under sustainable and inclusive criteria“.

S Seal and Certificate of Commitment

On his part, the Sernatur National Director, Cristóbal Benítez, stated that “the campaign does not only invite us to become aware of the need to reposition ourselves around sustainability and meet the new requirements for sustainable services, but it is also a call to action and the adoption of good practices that promote the strengthening and expansion of a sustainable offer that is already possible to distinguish through the S Seal and the Certificate of Sustainable Commitment”.

The campaign does not only aim to spread the benefits of implementing good sustainable practices but also focuses on inspiring travelers to behave more sustainably and responsibly.

Sustainable tourism Chile
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