Matías Álamo: “Amukan Lodge was Designed and Built with Sustainability in Mind”
Publicado el 23 February 2024

Located in front of Lake Panguipulli, Amukan Lodge is the only hotel in Chile with the level 3 Sustainability Seal awarded by Sernatur.

Amukan Lodge is in front of Lake Panguipulli, the only hotel in Chile with the Sernatur Seal of Distinction for Sustainable Tourism level 3 and the Seal of Commitment to Good Practices awarded by the same entity.

The resort’s owner, Matías Álamo, explained to Chile Travel’s Trade News the work they do regarding sustainability, from the construction of the cabins to recycling and collaboration with local communities.

– What sustainable measures does Amukan Lodge carry out?

Amukan Lodge was designed and built with sustainability in mind. I am referring to the sun’s orientation, the choice of construction materials, and the many windows to capture as much heat as possible.

We have a photovoltaic plant inside the hotel: 40% of the lodge’s production comes from solar energy, as these panels are 5,5 kWh. In addition, we have ecological amenities such as shampoo, balm, or soap. We have a system in all the faucets to conserve water consumption. We do not use single-use plastic. Instead, we use as much as possible to reuse it first and then recycle it.

We also have low-consumption bulbs, which light towards the ground and not upwards. This is so as not to contaminate the sky luminously since you can see the stars beautifully in this area.

– Could you tell me more about recycling?

We recycle as much garbage as possible: cans, cardboard, plastic, glass, and Tetra Pak. Glass and plastic are the most common.

We have four houses in the Lodge, each with a clean point. Then, I have a green point where I separate, remove the lids, flatten, and tie the cartons to deliver them in an orderly manner and take them to the town hall (of Panguipulli), where the only thing they do not receive from me is the Tetra Pak, so I am taking it to Valdivia.

When I check in, I suggest to guests that they recycle as much as possible.

– What was the process like where you received the Level 3 Sustainability Seal?

Sernatur has two seals: the Q for quality and the S for sustainability. First, you do a self-diagnosis, and then they send you an auditing company that reviews a series of points in the social, environmental, and cultural areas.

We did things so well that we were rated level 3 in the S seal, and we are currently the only hotel in Chile that has it. We are very proud of that.

In addition, in December 2023, Sernatur gave us an award for Tourism Achievement 2023. It is something important to mention because my wife and I have worked hard to bring Amukan Lodge up to what it is now. We have been working on this project for seven years, and we are delighted with the awards we have earned.

Support to the local economy

Photo: Amukan Lodge Facebook

On its website, Amukan Lodge highlights its collaboration with Magali Vargas, whose handicraft store “Entre Lanas y Maderas” is in the Neltume sector and offers 100% handmade products. In this regard, Matías Álamo explained to us the ties he maintains with the local communities.

– How does collaboration with local communities work in Panguipulli?

100% of our suppliers come from the Los Ríos Region.  We recommend tourism agencies registered with Sernatur and from the area with mountaineering, rafting, kayaking, and fly-fishing activities.

The same goes for food and beverage suppliers, such as cheese, ginger beer, meats, and jerky. We also have contact with craftswomen, whether weaving, ceramics, and wood.

At check-in time, we send a WhatsApp message with information about tour operators, agencies, restaurants, or handicrafts, so, we always try to support the local economy.

– What project are you currently working on?

We grouped four restaurants and three hotels to form a guild called Panguipulli Circular. We help each other, have local suppliers, try to cut back, and buy things together.

Panguipulli: Emerging Destination

Photo: Sernatur Audiovisual Bank

One of the experiences that has gained strength in southern Chile is the Ruta de los 7 Lagos (Route of the 7 Lakes), where Panguipulli has established itself as the epicenter of a journey entire of dreamy natural landscapes.

– What is the best thing about working in Panguipulli?

It is an emerging destination because there is still much to develop. It is not as saturated as other nearby cities.

Guests tell us, “Now we are going to Panguipulli because Pucón and Puerto Varas — without denigrating these destinations — are saturated,” especially in high season, when these places collapse.

Panguipulli is wonderful in winter. For those who are afraid of the rain, the cabins are equipped with slow combustion, air conditioning, and small stoves, so they are very warm, and people have an incredible time.

– Is there any destination in the area that stands out in particular?

I find everything nice. We are close to the Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve, the Mocho-Choshuenco National Reserve, and the Villarica National Park, an hour and a half away, where people can go trekking, hiking, or snowshoeing.

Mountain biking is also wonderful. The area has developed many trails and lines.

– How can a visitor contact Amukan Lodge?

The website is, and we are on Instagram @amukan_lodge. You can get in touch by email or Instagram. We are 100% available to answer all your questions.

We are in Panguipulli itself, 1 kilometer from downtown, with a breathtaking view of Lake Panguipulli and the Villarrica Volcano.

Amukan Lodge Matías Álamo
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