Novelties in the tourism industry in September 2023 
Publicado el 26 October 2023

A reflection on the climate change effects in tourism, a rise in flight fares, and new domestic routes were some of the news from our field last month.
tourism industry in September

Tourism is still recovering from the pandemic effects with the increase in the offer of domestic and international flights. At the same time, concern remains for the effects that climate change will have on some destinations, while the increase in travel fare prices has not gone unnoticed.  

At Trade News we will tell you about the main novelties in the field of tourism in September 2023, so you are not left behind with news.  

Climate change and its effects on tourism 

Climate change effects still create concern in tourism. Janine Valenzuela, director of the Hotel and Tourism School at the Universidad de Las Américas, warned that the sun and snow destinations will be the most affected by climate change. 

In a column published in El Día, Valenzuela said that “the main problems to face will be floodings, erosion, and the lost or reduction of beaches or ecosystems.”  

After mentioning examples such as the Concón sinkhole or the floodings in the O’Higgins, Maule, and Ñuble regions, the columnist warned that “in the absence of specialized measures, it is necessary that both the private and the public world start to consider tourism as a strategic sector for Chile.” 

Flight fares increase 31% 

According to La Agencia de Viajes de Chile, a report from Mabrian consultant revealed that the average monthly flight fares increased  31% internationally.  

“In particular, flights from up to 157 countries, direct flights arriving to destinations, one-way only with taxes and fees included have been analyzed” the report says. 

Regarding the particular situation of airlines, JetSMART Chile set as a general objective to sell 100,000,000 plane tickets, and have a fleet of 100 airplanes by 2028, according to El Desconcierto. 

Meanwhile, reported that LATAM resumed their direct flights from Melbourne, Australia to Santiago, Chile. This piece of new is set within the process of the airline to resume its operations between South America and Oceania after the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Meanwhile, the Central American airline Arajet was all set to fly for the first time from Santiago Airport to the Dominican Republic. According to Emol, the trip will take place on October 30th. 

Novelties in domestic flights 

The domestic flight offer is still increasing. According to El Diario de La Araucanía, SKY Airline will start direct flights from Temuco to Puerto Montt. 

On their behalf, LATAM will resume direct flights from Antofagasta to La Serena, according to Coquimbo Noticias. Likewise, the airline will resume their daily flights to Rapa Nui after four years, according to information from 24 Horas. 

It is worth noting that tourism on Easter Island is still reactivating after the hard hit caused by the Covid crisis. It is a process focused on sustainability and aiming to be Zero Waste by 2030, according to País Circular in the following article. 

Arica prepares for its cruise season and Hotel de Castro stands out for its sustainability.

Arica prepares with 13 cruises confirmed for the 2023 – 2024 season in the port. According to Radio Paulina, it is expected that 10,000 people enjoy the activity as of the cycle starting on October 9th. 

The president of the board of directors at the Empresa Portuaria Arica, Mario Moya Montenegro, stated that a milestone will be achieved with the arrival of two cruises in one day, noting that the situation will be a challenge for the city.  

In the south, the traditional Hotel de Castro will install the most sustainable heating system on Chiloé Island. According to Diario Sostenible, it is a system with a high level of energy efficiency that works based on plant origin pellets.  

Novelties in the tourism industry September 2023
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