Winners of Chile Verde Toured Los Ríos Region
Publicado el 23 February 2024

Joaquín Garrido and his mother, Norma Figueroa, were awarded after winning the Chile Verde contest held by Chile es Tuyo.

In September 2023, through the Chile es Tuyo website, a contest was held for the final public called Chile Verde, with the prize of a trip to a sustainable destination in the company of two eco-influencers: Victoria Ansaldo and Chagual Orrego.

The winners, announced by Chile es Tuyo’s Instagram account, were Joaquín Garrido and his mother, Norma Figueroa.

Both had to choose between three sustainable destinations in Chile: Arica, Biobío, and Los Ríos.

Finally, they preferred the Los Ríos Region. The trip took place last weekend and toured Panguipulli, Huilo Huilo, Puerto Fuy, and Coñaripe, with activities focused on Green Tourism sustainability.

Activities Conducted with Chile Verde

Joaquín Garrido and Norma Figueroa conducted numerous sustainable and environmentally friendly activities on the trip.

They stayed at Amukan Lodge, where they have the Sernatur Seal of Distinction for Sustainable Tourism at level three.

Moreover, they spent time with Mapuche communities and learned about the worldview of the native people in Chile thanks to the tour operator @Tkimun.

On the last day of adventures, they got to knww the best-kept secrets of the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve with @Panguipullitour.

In this regard, Joaquín Garrido said that Chile Verde “was a great trip,” where “my mother was also very grateful.”

Relive Joaquín and Norma’s trip

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