Chile stands out in the international media this February
Publicado el 14 March 2023

In a month full of contingency, connectivity in an emergency and sustainability policies played an important role.
Chile prensa febrero

In a month full of contingency, connectivity in an emergency and sustainability policies played an important role for our country that made it stand out internationally.

Different destinations stood out in the German, Argentinian, Brazilian, Colombian, Peruvian, Mexican, French, British and Spanish media, among others, for different reasons.

Chile and sustainable tourism

The Argentinian newspaper, Pulso turístico, noted the launching of campaigns aiming to boost good practices in tourism. You can visit our website now and download the kit, which includes videos, animations and graphics to promote #ChileTurismoSustentable

Travel Trade Caribbean also highlighted the promotion that we, as a country, give to sustainable tourism and the commitment from the Undersecretary of Tourism and Sernatur.

The Travel recognizes Chile as one of the most developed countries in the region in matters of tourism due to the improvement of its policies and the work carried out in favor of eco-tourism and sustainable development.

All of this happened as part of the framework of the campaign “Chile, promoting sustainable tourism”, in line with global trends in favor of sustainability and provides all the materials to commit to this development.

The Travel: Highlights

The international medium “The Travel” continues to show different Chilean destinations as places you cannot miss this 2023.

In an article, it mentions that Chile is among the 10 countries with the most islands in the world, which makes it a must-see destination for people who love sea-based adventures and the different ecosystems an island can offer.

If you want to travel around the central part of our country, Santiago and Valparaíso are recognized by the international media as destinations rich in culture and history.

Chile, a country with mountains, oceans, deserts and forests, also stands out due to its many hidden spots. This article listed some places that are, without a doubt, gems for travelers.

Finally, Chile is definitely a world-class stargazing spot for those who want to see truly extraordinary stars and skies. This article explains how you can have a unique view of the sky thanks to its ideal environmental conditions.

A noteworthy response to the wildfires

Another factor that caught the international community ‘s attention was the request from the Undersecretary of Tourism and Sernatur to tourists and foreigners to be aware of and to raise awareness about the wildfires we have been battling.

MDZ comments on the measure to close multiple National Parks and Nature Reserves to protect the forests and tourists from the fire.

The Argentinian newspaper, La Nación, recognized the efforts of the Chilean Undersecretary of Tourism to request tourists to be aware of the wildfires through the official channels to battle them more appropriately.

EPTurismo highlighted the Chilean authorities’ request to be aware and their efforts to give travelers the best possible information to plan their trips.

On their part, Publimetro México also highlighted the role of the Undersecretary of Tourism, who has been keeping the tourists up-to-date regarding the wildfires to give them the perspective needed to have a safe and informed trip.

The Brazilian journal, Diario Turismo, highlights the information given by Chile, which allows tourists to be aware of the situation while making it possible to travel to regions not affected by the wildfires.

The Brazilian portal, Mercado y eventos, also highlighted the way Chile reacted to the wildfires and faced tourism in matters of explaining the situation and maintaining the activities in the unaffected zones.

Publimetro Perú mentioned the permanent damage caused by the wildfires and the different measures the country will have to take to recover the land and support the economic activities that were carried out in such zones.

The French magazine, L’echo Touristique, alluded to the recommendations given by the Chilean authorities letting the tourists know about the wildfires and pointing out the accessible zones.

All this information was arranged by the Undersecretary of Tourism and Chile Travel for the international media.

Viña del Mar, more than a festival

The Festival Internacional de la Canción (International Song Festival) allows for other tourist offers in Viña del Mar.

Gestión Perú highlighted the interest Chile generates with the return of the Festival of Viña del Mar, which makes this city one of the most popular destinations for Peruvians between February 17th and 26th.

The Colombian medium, Fucsia, due to the interest generated by the festival of Viña del Mar, highlights other attractive Chilean destinations such as Balneario de Algarrobo, La Campana National Park or La Sebastiana (Pablo Neruda’s house).

El Universo, as part of the festival, provides a greater perspective of the “Garden City” and its historical, gastronomical, and natural attractions.

Ski is coming

As we approach the winter season, the media specialized in travel and snow-based experiences highlights Chilean ski centers.

The Brazilian website, Panrotas, referred to the agreement between Mountain Capital and the ski resort Valle Nevado, an alliance with investment and development potential for snow-based activities.

The Brazilian site, Viajar Melhor, praised the attractive offers Valle Nevado has for the arrival of the winter season, including discounts of up to 50% so tourists can go sliding down the snow.

Unofficial Networks highlighted 6 of the best ski resorts with affordable prices, among them, El Colorado stood out due to its infrastructure, land, and variety.

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