Free! Online course on the Chile Destination for the world’s tourism industry
Publicado el 31 July 2020

A unique opportunity for international operators to learn and know more about our country is now available free at Online Travel Training

In these moments of pause, courses and webinars abound in preparation for the next reopening of world tourism and Chile is not far behind in this effort.  Within the different training alternatives that are being offered, both in the public and private spheres, this online course designed for the English-speaking public is an exceptional alternative.

Thanks to the support of LATA (Latin American Travel Association), the Online Travel Training (OTT) platform will offer a complete online course on Chile as a tourist destination, designed for industry members such as operators, travel agencies, vendors, among others.  With a special focus on European countries, whose tourism companies can benefit from this content.

Online Travel Training is a British agency specializing in virtual training for all suppliers in the travel value chain.  From airlines to travel agents, today’s remote training model is especially needed, which is why this extraordinarily free option is so valuable.

The course consists of 3 modules: Northern Chile and Atacama Desert; Central Chile, Santiago, Valparaiso and Rapa Nui; Southern Chile and Patagonia.  With the style and audiovisual material of the last campaign of the National Tourism Service “Where the Impossible is Possible”, those who access this course only need to create a profile and an account to be able to access it.

The course will be available free of charge through the end of September.

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