Industry advances March 2023: Recognitions and new routes
Publicado el 13 April 2023

March brought great news for the tourism industry, with the opening of new routes and the resumption of certain paused services.
novedades marzo 2023

March brought great news for the tourism industry, with the opening of new routes and the resumption of certain paused services.

In addition, the reactivation of tourism continues growing and Chile accumulates new international recognition thanks to its incredible destinations such as Torres del Paine.

Routes and Transportation

Ladevi reports how Latam Airlines resumes the Santiago to Puerto Alegre route for 174 passengers with three weekly frequencies on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Santiago airport will enable 150 self-service check-in kiosks and 70 automated machines for long weekends, providing a great help for the 2023 holidays.

Sky Airline will have flights to Puerto Natales all year, with a frequency of three weekly flights departing from Santiago and Puerto Montt.

ITV Patagonia reports on the work done by the tourism union and the regional government to make it possible for Puerto Natales to receive flights in winter.

According to Publimark, a 100% electric mini bus for tourism is offered to passengers focused on the experience and comfort.

The Arica to Tacna train trips are back. It’s 1 hour and 10-minute trip. It has capacity for 49 people and a cost of only 4,200 CLP (Chilean pesos).

With 3,703 passengers on the Santiago-Concepción section during the summer, EFE Sur is already planning higher frequencies and new routes for the region’s tourist trains after the successful return of these trips.

According to Soy Chile, the port of San Antonio received 18 cruise ships and 35,000 passengers during the 2022-2023 season, showing a strong recovery.

Vineyards celebrated grape harvests

Casablanca had wineries from Mendoza and a free show of national artists at its Casablanca Harvest Festival 2023.

Viña Santa Ema launched a new gastronomic project in Isla de Maipo led by chef Andrés Plaza, using coffee and wine as a base.

The presence and respect that Chile has gained in the international show of wine tourism generates expectations about the possibility of expanding the strength of tourism operations linked to national wine.

Viña Santa Rita opened its doors to 15 local artisans to show their products to the community in an open event.

The hotel industry stood out in the national press and awards

Accor doubles its turnover and initiates new global structuring after earnings of 4,22 million euros and an opening of 299 hotels in 2022. A tremendous indicator of the recovery of tourism.

The CEO of Shiji Group spoke about the importance of Digital Transformation in hospitality, delivering the essential guidelines to carry out this transformation in the sector.

In the ranking made by Condé Nast Traveler magazine, the hotel Tierra Patagonia was selected as one of the 5 best hotels in Latin America.

La Tercera recognizes Hotel Awa for its connection with nature, its views of Lake Llanquihue, Osorno Volcano, and its luxury spa.

MegaNoticias shows the list developed by The Travel with the 10 most luxurious hotels in Chile, with 3 in Santiago and 7 in regions.

Hotel Las Torres Patagonia was selected among the 15 finalists to win the WTM Responsible Tourism Award in the “Best initiatives for the conservation of nature” category.

Outstanding destinations

Arica is positioned as one of the destinations with the safest beaches for swimmers. During the summer season, no fatalities occurred despite having received more than 600,000 people.

Expreso provides a list of six ideal places for stargazing in Chile, making the most  of the country’s privileged sky for astronomical observation.

Enfoque magazine provides a list of 6 unmissable parks and reserves to enjoy autumn while traveling through our country.

News and nominations

The director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research spoke of a sustainable future for tourism, as well as giving the keys to advance responsibly towards the future of the industry.

After the unanimous award of  “protected area” category to the sectors of Llano and Chañarcillo, UNESCO is getting closer to declaring the Desierto Florido as a natural heritage of humanity.

The CEO of  IT-TALENT spoke to TyN Magazine about the jobs that could be close to disappearing with the development of artificial intelligences.

The new trail to the Torres del Paine’s base has been worked on since last year with help of experts and volunteers to mitigate the erosion caused by the transit of tourists.

According to Biobío, the United Kingdom will begin to require electronic permits to enter their country, which will be processed in three working days and will be required for all tourists who do not need a visa to enter.

Fedetur Chile talks about how Reserva Las Torres obtained its grassland regeneration certificate for the third consecutive year, showing its commitment to the ecosystem.

Publireportaje talks about how the tourism industry has recovered in Chile with the relaxation of sanitary measures, obtaining encouraging results.

El Diario Concepción points out 5 frequent mistakes that occur in corporate trips and the simplest ways to avoid them.

Industry advances March
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