International MICE tourism ambassador program “Meet in Chile” expands to Colombia and Peru.
Publicado el 07 May 2021

This alliance could generate a regional network among countries to share experiences and procedures with decision-makers for future event applications.
Fotografía grupal de participantes Meet in Chile

ProColombia and PromPerú, along with several industry institutions, will seek to replicate the successful Chilean international ambassador program “Meet in Chile” created by SERNATUR.

The “Meet in Chile” program seeks to build loyalty and bring together leading professionals from international associations to provide them with the technical tools and tailored support material to submit Chile as venue for future international congresses or seminars in their specialty, being the high profile of these Chileans a key role in introducing the destination to their international peers, thus boosting MICE tourism.

This future alliance could become an excellent opportunity to connect Chilean ambassadors with other regional ambassadors, thus generating a large network of ambassadors in Latin America where they can share experiences and procedures with decision-making leaders from different sectors and likewise enabling the submittal of future applications as a block.

Chile has currently appointed and trained 60 international ambassadors since 2017 and during 2021 the goal is to increase this number to 80.

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