Trekking in the mountains? #VOY
Publicado el 13 June 2022

“Trekking in the mountains? #VOY” A relaxing time in the hot springs? #VOY

#VOY is the new tourist campaign in Chile, focused on the domestic public, which seeks to avoid tourist demand depending on the season by reminding travelers that our country can be visited all year round.

The promotional action highlights the different tourist alternatives that exist across Chile in the off-peak seasons. Paragliding, fishing, a gourmet evening, or enjoying a national park are just a few examples.

The action is intended to be used together with the national umbrella campaign “Hay Chile para Todos (Chile is There for Everybody)”.

What will you find in the Kit?

In this kit you will find everything you need to be able to promote Chile online. Our kit contains both editable files and files which are ready to publish. Among them you will find the master graphic pieces, posts, stories, footnotes, fonts, and photographs. You will also find press articles where the campaign has been mentioned.

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