Ríos de Chile web series returns with second season
Publicado el 03 August 2023

Play the Chile Travel YouTube channel and visit the main water tributaries in our country in this season of Ríos de Chile (Rivers of Chile).
Rivers of Chile

The nature and sports lover will be able to relive experiences linked with adventure, since Sernatur announced the return of the web series Ríos de Chile. 

The second season of this captivating Chile Travel production promises to take viewers on an exciting journey through some of the most amazing rivers across our territory. 

Since its release in the previous season, Rios de Chile, has reached a massive following, connecting the audience with the country’s natural beauty, promoting sustainable and responsible tourism, highlighting the adventure experiences that can be developed in the best green destination in the world and the best adventure tourism destination in South America, according to the World Travel Awards. 

“Rios de Chile is a new opportunity for the world to discover the natural beauty and diversity of experiences that our country offers”, according to Cristóbal Benitez, Sernatur national director. In the second season, the kayakers team stars in the series will navigate the Maipo (Metropolitan), Claro (Maule), Biobío (Biobío) and Blanco (Los Lagos) rivers, and the four new chapters highlight the importance of preserving and protecting these natural treasures for future generations. 

Season two details

Every new episode of Rios de Chile will be a window to the natural beauty and geographic diversity of the country, showcasing the native fauna and flora that inhabit its shores and crystal-clear waters. 

In this second season, the viewers will be transported to some of Chile’s most iconic rivers along with a group of international kayakers who will be led by Pedro Astorga, a national athlete. 

In the chapter sixth of Ríos de Chile (the first of the second season) the location is Hornopirén, Los Lagos Region. There, the mission of the athletes Nouria Newman (France), Aniol Serrasolses (Catalonia), Jaime Sandoval (Chile), David Sodomkade (Czech Republic) and Pedro Astorga (Chile) will be to descend the Blanco River from where it starts to the sea. 

It will be a very difficult and dangerous mission, where everything will be unknown and challenging, but we will be prepared,” says Astorga at the beginning of the chapter. 

The seventh chapter will focus on the Maipo river, in the Metropolitan Region, and will feature the participation of the athlete Canela Astorga and the mountaineer Yerko Oteiza. The eighth chapter will take place between the Biobío and Laja rivers in the Biobío Region with the national kayaker Momo Castillo; and finally, the chapter ninth will feature Sergey Iiin, a Russian kayaker, on the Claro River in the Maule Region. 

Where to watch the second season of Ríos de Chile

The web series Ríos de Chile is available for watching on the official Chile Travel channel, www.youtube.com/@chiletravel, for the viewers to enjoy an exciting journey down the impressive rivers in Chile. 

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