SERNATUR hosted a successful training session to Italian sales agents
Publicado el 30 April 2020

The Market and Promotion department of SERNATUR, thanks to ProChile Italy, took this challenge and led an important training session for over 200 Italian sales agents.

The tourism industry faces a dire situation, triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. So, several people involved in the industry are making various efforts with the aim of supporting entrepreneurs of all sizes, operators, agents and workers.

The Market and Promotion department of SERNATUR -who oversee the promotion of Chile as a touristic destination- took this challenge and led an important training session for over 200 Italian sales agents, thanks to an innovative opportunity given by Bookingfax.

Bookingfax is an international platform located in Europe that offers a unique solution to travel agencies, expanding access to last minute offers for the main touristic operators. It has marketing tools and updated information, so it provides the chance to support travel agents with the most advanced tools for sale.

Our speakers were:

1) Alberto Gorgone from ProChile Italia, representing Market Europe.

2) David Loppolo representing LATAM Airlines. He presented the current and future LATAM flight offer.

3) Barbara De Pascual, from the Italian tour operator Accurate Travel.

The goal of this presentation it was to put Chile in the map for the future sales of the Italian  travel agencies and to promote the country as unique destination with experiences such as wild nature and adventure, reinforcing Chile´s travel awards as one of the best Green Destination and the World’s Best Adventure Tourism Destination of 2019.

Finally, one of the most important topics of the training, it was the profound description of the most popular and bestselling travel locations of Chile, such as San Pedro de Atacama, Rapa Nui, Santiago, Carretera Austral and Torres del Paine.




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