Summer and Sustainability: industry news in November
Publicado el 21 December 2022

Among the news for the tourism industry in November, there is also the arrival of cruises and international awards.
novedades industria noviembre

In November, the tourism industry began the reactivation of destinations for the summer of 2023. Moreover, within its main news, it promoted sustainability initiatives.

The cruise season also began to be announced and members of distinguished destinations from the tourism industry were awarded this year.

Summer 2023 comes with must-see destinations

This summer 2023 will have novelties that revitalize the tourism industry such as the reopening of the Juan Fernández archipelago.

The tourist reception, who must present a negative PCR 48 hours pre-journey, will be through commercial flights, cruises, and yachts that will arrive in the area from November to March 2023.

In the north of Chile, the Arica-Tacna train is also preparing its return and it is expected to be operational from December with a capacity of 60 passengers who will arrive in the Morro area.

Related to emerging destinations, there are beaches that will risk being the leaders of summer 2023. For instance: Vitor Cove in Arica, Las Docas Beach in Valparaíso, Llico Cove, Los Cuervos Beach in Biobío, and Estaquilla Cove in Los Muermos, Puerto Montt.

In Talcahuano, the improvement of the coastline Fragata Reina María Isabel will have a parking lot, an esplanade, lookouts, playgrounds, and a sand court for beach sports. As a result of this, tourists will come back to enjoy the beauty of the zone.

Moreover, southern destinations in Chile like Pucón, Futaleufu, Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve, and Torres del Paine are preparing for the arrival of tourists during the summertime.

Reserva Biológica Huilo Huilo

Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve. Sernatur Photo.


A new Light Pollution regulation will come into effect in the whole country and will be applied in 2023.

The objective is to regulate the pollution caused by external artificial light sources created for different uses of daily life, avoiding harming people’s health, animal species, and the environment.

Once the new regulation comes into effect, it will be divided into 2 zone qualifications, the entire National Territory and the Special Protection Areas that consider the Astronomical Areas: Biodiversity Protection Areas and Reproduction Zones.

Bernadette Meehan, United States Ambassador, described the capital of Magallanes as “Punta Arenas is the city of the future.”

As part of the seminar “Punta Arenas: Ciudad Antártica y Puerta de Entrada al Continente Blanco,” the ambassador shared what the USA is doing by investing 500,000,000 dollars in research in Antarctica.

Furthermore, the advantage of the city as a gateway to Antarctica and for people who do research in the area was proposed. For this reason, it was urged to be aware that the tourism industry has doubled in the last 4 years meaning more than 6,000,000,000 pesos for commercial trade.

Ciudad de Punta Arenas en Magallanes

Punta Arenas City in Magallanes. Photo: Sernatur.

The cruise season begins in Chile

November welcomed the cruise season in Chile with the arrival of new ships to the coasts of our country. The port of Antofagasta received the “Seabourn Venture” and the “Silver Wind,” cruises that start the 2022-2023 season and which help to develop, improve, and diversify tourism in the area, as well as strengthen the services offered by the terminal to foreign visitors.

The port of Coquimbo Port has already received the sixth cruise of the season, the Seven Seas Mariner which arrived with 920 passengers.

At the port of  Valparaíso, the “Silver Explorer” of Royal Caribbean docked. The company will send at least 8 more cruises to Chile in the season that will last until March 2023, receiving more than 4,000 passengers who will embark, disembark, and be at the port.

Puerto Chacabuco also began its season with the arrival of the “Seven Seas Mariner.” Puerto Varas, on its side, called cruise operators to sign an agreement that guarantees and strengthens the sustainable and sustainable tourism at the moment of receiving the cruises that will dock in that part of Chile.

Puerto de Valparaíso

The cruise season in Valparaíso will be until March 2023. Photo: Sernatur.

The highlights of this year in the tourism industry

Chile stood out this 2022 in a range of tourism areas with awards that value not only the national destinations, but also the experiences that could be lived in our country.

This year, for the third time, Chile was crowned as the “Best Green Destination in the World” in the 29th version of the World Travel Awards, known as the “Oscars of Tourism.”

On one hand, this award recognizes the promotion of natural destinations and onn the other hand, the planning, development, and promotion of responsible and sustainable tourist experiences with the environment.

In the wine tourism world, Santa Rita Vineyard was chosen as the “Best Wine Tourism Experience” in Chile in a competition that considered 136 initiatives.

However, the VIK vineyard was also ranked in 4th place among the best vineyards in the world, according to the standing contest World’s Best Vineyards 2022.

Finally, National Geographic, highlighted Valparaíso as one of its favorite cities for tourism in Chile, alluding to its essence.

This is reflected in how people from ports live tourism, their nightlife, and the wide range of hotels available for those people who visit the port city.

Viña Vik

VIK is considered one of the four best vineyards in the world.

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