Trends and new ways of traveling: news from the industry in February
Publicado el 14 March 2023

In Trade News we made a compilation for you to be up to date with all the news from the tourism industry in February 2023.
news industry february

February arrived with all kinds of news in the tourism industry, new trends, new ways of traveling, and new priorities in the search of experiences for tourists.

Of course, in Trade News of Chile Travel, we made a compilation for you to be up to date with all the news in the tourism industry during February 2023.

New routes

El Mercurio de Calama, a newspaper, highlighted the increase in air traffic by 33% and detailed the most demanded destinations both at home and abroad.

Another newspaper called Marítimo Portuario highlights that the Port of Coquimbo already receives more than half of the cruise ships scheduled for this season. This is a good sign after a complex season!

Ladevi, a digital newspaper about tourism, also pointed out the four new routes that Latam Airlines will fly in the region. One of them will connect Santiago with Porto Alegre in Brazil.

Meanwhile, Sky Airline announced that they will have flights to Puerto Natales in 2023, and that between May and December three flights will depart per week.

Returns that are to be talked about both in Chile and around the world

The newspaper Diario Uchile explains how after three years, the Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art reopened its rooms, allowing for people to once again have access to the greatest collection of emblematic pieces in America.

Ladevi presented the requirements to travel to Rapa Nui (Easter Island) this season related to the measures that have been relaxed since the beginning of this year that mark the return of tourists to the island.

Moreover, Ladevi highlights Machu Picchu reopened its doors to tourism as Ladevi after almost one month of closure. The world-known sanctuary returned to operate with the schedules and routes established before the cessation of activities.

El Mostrador, a newspaper, referred to China’s reopening, pointed out by the World Tourism Organization as the final piece in tourism recovery after the pandemic.

National and international highlights

Meganoticias, a news tv program, highlights a young Japanese company that decided to promote a “low-cost” alternative to space tourism to take humans to the limits of our planet.

Austral de Valdivia, a newspaper, highlights the Sietelagos destination for leading hotel occupancy rate here in Chile during the romantic period between February 13th and February 18th.

Forbes added the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Santiago to its Travel Guide Star Awards, the only hotel in Chile present in this exclusive list worldwide.

El Ciudadano, a newspaper, lists the nine Latin American countries ideal to celebrate a wedding and points out the second place for Chile on this romantic list.

Activities and trends

Infogate, an online newspaper, reviewed the increase in the trend of tourists looking for cabins with hot tubs to relax surrounded by nature and made a list of the favorite places for travelers.

The reporter made a guide of activities for people with visual impairment and neurodivergent focused on the infrastructure that they have set up to give a complete experience for all these people.

In El Austral de Osorno, a newspaper, the celebration of the next Binational Tourism Trade Fair of Los Lagos appeared with more than 60 exhibitions that will motivate adventure and archaeological tourism.

News from the industry

Expreso summarized 2022,  highlighting that more than 2,000,000 foreign tourists visited our country last year, the income of the industry, and the boost caused by the reactivation post-pandemic.

Diario Estrategia, a newspaper, warned that frauds based on Booking include details of reservations made by customers and information that could have been hacked from the platform.

El Pingüino, a newspaper, posted about the tourism situation in Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica, which was reactivated after the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was also highlighted how Chile is getting behind on being the host of the “world championship” of 3impact startups with a campaign that would take the WSA Global Congress 2024 to Puerto Varas.

El Diario Financiero, a newspaper, explains how the dollar for foreigners created last December to increase the flow of currency of the Trans-Andean Banco Central has captured tourists and increased the use of Chilean cards.

News industry february
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