Última Esperanza: A paradise for winter fans 
Publicado el 05 July 2023

From the Magallanes Region the potential of this destination was highlighted, where they have first class cuisine and amazing landscapes.
Provincia de Última Esperanza

The Provincia de Última Esperanza (Última Esperanza province) hides a complete and diverse tourist offer much wider than just visiting the eighth wonder of the world: Las Torres del Paine. 

Culture and heritage, a varied and recognized gastronomic offer, natural attractions, adventure sports and outdoor activities are just a part of the menu that emerges between la Pampa, los Lagos and la Estepa Patagónica. 

Did you know that during the autumn and winter months the weather in Magallanes becomes friendlier than you think? The winds slow down, the low thermal oscillation and the tides calm its waters allowing you to discover its marine universe. This is precisely what Sernatur Magallanes seeks to do to encourage the arrival of tourist during the season. 

But it is the Provincia de Última Esperanza that has become a true paradise for autumn and winter holidays lovers, offering the perfect mix between the untamed nature of its protected wilderness areas and connectivity with Puerto Natales, which will have available flights throughout the winter. 

“We are very committed to promoting tourism throughout the year in consolidated destinations such as Natales or Torres del Paine. We see that years of public and private sector efforts are having good results and the tourism service providers are now betting on having an offer available all year round. We are convinced that the joint effort must continue to further strengthen our sector with a seasonally adjustment strategy, which is why we are planning as part of sustainable tourism development from the territories along with public services, town halls and trade associations from the regional tourism sector,” says Victor Roman Leon, Sernatur Magallanes director. 


Southern Cuisine 

Provincia de Última Esperanza

Tasting the dishes from the Magallanes Region is to savor the best of the cuisine from the end the world. But to taste the gastronomic offer in Puerto Natales is to enjoy a word-class gastronomic experience. Moreover, the capital of the Última Esperanza province was awarded as a gastronomic destination by the Círculo de Cronistas Gastronómicos for its attractive culinary offer that stands out for products such as centolla magallánica, cordero al palo, calafate based sweets, and its unique craft beers. 

“The food in the destination is a luxury. The different preparations based on local identity products, which has been elevated though the innovation, are now presented in different formats where the gourmet dishes demonstrate the talent of the chefs in Patagonia. In addition, our cuisine is based on products whose organoleptic properties (color, flavor, texture, and scent) are unique and it is accessible to everybody by finding them at traditional festivals, local restaurants, and higher places that give it the value of international palates,” explains Adriana Aguilar, chamber of tourism manager in Última Esperanza. A sample of this attractive offer is the Sabores Natalinos culinary event, an annual meeting that highlights the best of the southern cuisine and cocktails, which took place in 2023 on April 17th and 18th with samples of delights from local entrepreneurs on a gourmet market and a cocktail tournament, which featured juries such as Yann Yvin, Francisco Abrilot, Loreto Oda, Feredico Gil and Gina Ortega. 

In winter, Patagonia can be even more beautiful, as its landscapes are dyed white, and the ices look even more imposing. Therefore, in the coldest months of the year you can live the unique experience of sailing on Lago Grey or visiting the Balmaceda and Serrano glaciers. A plus to the adventure is that in winter season there are fewer tour cancellations, and you have more route options. 

The Sernatur Magallanes director says that “our landscapes are beautiful all year round, but in autumn-winter they are second to none. The invitation is to dare to live a unique experience at the end of the world. Natales and Torres del Paine are an integral destination, for all tastes, not only for those who are looking develop adventure tourism, there is also space for families, groups of friends, couples and for those looking to disconnects. Here they find the unique tranquility of southern Patagonia and first-class cuisine.” 

Moreover, adrenaline has become synonymous of Magallanes. Therefore, a kayak expedition from Seno Obstrucción to the Muñoz Gamero peninsula is an opportunity for extreme sports lover in winter, a magical journey that includes breathtaking landscapes and wonderful experiences. “At this time,” says Adriana Aguilar, “when the wind intensity decreases, there is less likelihood of suspension of activities than in summer. Kayak activities and other types of sailing have practically no cancellation in these months. “ 

So, thanks to the opening of new flight routes between Santiago and Puerto Natales for the months of June, July and August, the southern tip of the world will remain connected all year, allowing more people to participate in great milestones in Chilean Patagonia, among them, its challenging trail running races, which attract athletes from all over the world, and other more popular ones, such as the Chapuzón de los Fiordos in Puerto Natales, which invites you to immerse yourself on the icy waters of the Pacific Ocean to welcome tourists. In conclusion, an overwhelming journey that hides many surprises, wonderful experiences and magical journeys that can only be experienced once. 

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