Nature and new routes: Chile in the news of the international press in August 2023
Publicado el 31 August 2023

The protection of ecosystems and the charms of the La Araucanía and Coquimbo regions were some of the topics that positioned Chile in the international media this month.
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The tourist experiences in Chile attract the attention of the world once again. Astrotourism in Valle del Elqui, measures to protect the ecosystem, and the increase of direct flights were remarkable topics for the international media in the last month.

Here at Trade News from Chile Travel, we tell you everything about the appearances that our country made in the international media between August 1st and August 25th, 2023.

Ancestral Araucanía and the charms of Coquimbo

Thanks to the coordinated activity with Chile Travel, the attractions of the La Araucanía and Coquimbo regions were pointed out by the media from Spain, Argentina, and Brazil.

The Spanish media Onda Cero shared an article on the Mapuche Route, taking a tour through the beauty of destinations such as Freire, Pucón, Currehue, Villarrica National Parks, and Coinquillo National Park.

The publication stated that it is “a place with incredible volcanoes, lakes, and huge valleys,” highlighting “the respect for nature and the sky observation” of the Mapuche community.

On the other hand, the Argentine website Clarín published a note about the pleasure of a dinner under the stars in Valle del Elqui. They mentioned that this area is one of the best in the world to enjoy Astrotourism, highlighting that it has an average of 300 clear nights per year.

Meanwhile, the online magazine Exame from Brazil dedicated an article to the “natural beauties, history, and culture” of the Coquimbo Region. In addition to Valle del Elqui, they mentioned the attractions of La Serena, Vicuña, and Paihuano.


In August, the international media presented how Chile continues to consolidate its commitment to green tourism. In the context of Huemul Day, Infobae from Argentina emphasized the project that the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve is developing to save this endangered animal.

The Argentine website emphasized that “protecting and preserving the huemul” will benefit the other species that cohabit with them. “Thanks to this initiative, the huemul has found an opportunity to recover its place in the Andes,” they said.

Moreover, the same website published an article about the extension of the protected area of the Humboldt archipelago, highlighting that the place “protects one of the most important ecosystems in the world, where 80% of the Humboldt penguin species lives.”

A measure that was also underlined by the La República from Perú, which explained that this ecosystem is the home for 560 marine species and now “only artisanal fishing and ecotourism is allowed.”

Meanwhile, El Espectador from Colombia referred to the creation of the Desierto Florido National Park in the Atacama Region, expressing that “the ecological importance of the flower desert does not just depend on the diversity of flora. When the phenomenon happens, the explosion of vegetation also allows for the development of other species of insects, birds, reptiles, and mammals that feed from it.

Brazil celebrates the new routes with Chile

The connection between Chile and the world is improving. In August, the international media, Panrotas and UAI Turismo, highlighted that Jetsmart increased its number of flights to Brazil through an association with Embatur.

Specifically, the airline will offer three weekly flights for trips between Santiago and Florianopolis starting on December 27th.

At the same time, Melhores Destinos informed that Latam Airlines will restart its direct flights from Santiago to Florianopolis on November 1st, reducing travel time to 3 hours and a half.

The airline will offer a daily flight until March 2024 to resolve the increase in passengers during the summer, whereas as of April it will adapt its frequency to four weekly flights.

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