The Patagonia parks are nominated for the Emmy Awards
Publicado el 13 July 2022

The United States Academy of Television Arts & Sciences highlighted the episode dedicated to Chile in the series "Our Great National Parks".
parque patagonia emmy netflix

Hollywood has its eyes on the beauty of Chile, focusing on a Netflix production on the Chilean Patagonia parks among the nominees for the Emmy Awards.

The United States Academy of Television Arts & Sciences highlighted the second episode of the series “Our Great National Parks“, dedicated only to the southern zone of Chile. In particular, the Emmys highlighted the beautiful landscapes that our country offers in the Outstanding Cinematography For A Nonfiction Program category.

As a result, Chile will be represented in the awards by the producers Christiaan Muñoz-Salas and Ignacio Walker, in charge of bringing the majestic Chilean Patagonia and its parks to the Netflix show narrated by the former president of the United States, Barack Obama.

Our Great National Parks

The magnificent Chilean Patagonia”, encompassing 24 unique national parks, is rapidly becoming one of the most protected places on the planet”. Netflix describes the southern zone of Chile as a natural space which delights the world.

Chilean Patagonia”, the second episode of “Our Great National Parks”, walks us through the parks in the sector, focusing in particular on the Conguillío in La Araucanía; Patagonia, Cerro Castillo and Laguna San Rafael National Parks in Aysén; and Torres del Paine in Magallanes. Moreover, the pumas inhabiting the latter park are also protagonists on the Netflix YouTube account, with two videos dedicated to them.

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