London Cabs Dress of “Go For Chile!”
Publicado el 01 December 2022

In the midst of Chile Travel's "Go For Chile!" campaign, a total of 100 cabs that travel through the most important points in London.
London Cabs

In the midst of Chile Travel’s “Go For Chile!” campaign, a total of 100 cabs that travel through the most important points in London carry the phrase “Wine lover? Go for Chile! Come Now, visit us”, to promote our country as a destination.


This initiative began on November 21st and will be implemented until December 21st.


The initiative seeks to reposition Chile as an ideal destination for the international public visiting the area, as well as for English lovers of wine and other typical activities in our country.


“Go For Chile” is aimed at highlighting the experiences that a foreign tourist can enjoy in Chile. The main experiences offered by Chile are urban life, wine tourism and adventure tourism, as well as cruises, nature, Astro-tourism, and beaches.


Where the “Go for Chile” Cabs Operate in London


To give greater visibility to the “Go For Chile!” campaign, four strategic points were chosen in London, where millions of tourists travel every year in cabs or on foot.


  • London Eye: it is the highest ferris wheel in Europe and one of the most popular attractions in the UK with more than 3,700,000 visitors every year.
  • Buckingham Palace: this is the palace where the British monarchy officially resides in London. It is known for housing the artistic works of the Crown.
  • Trafalgar Square: this square marks out the location of central London and was built to commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar.
  • Tower/London Bridge: Tower Bridge crosses the River Thames near the Tower of London and is one of the main symbols in the city.

Go For Chile London Cabs
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